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"Let us help you promote 
your business in all the social
media channels."


Customers today want to be their own media outlet. Through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, these audiences want to share articles or information they find interesting. They are publishers and, like every publisher, they need content and Brand Journalism provides that content.


Brand Journalism, when coupled with a digital strategy, allows your company to become its own media outlet to communicate to target audiences allowing them to disseminate your story. Your story is told through today’s most trusted source: Friends and family. Build your brand, launch new products, and increase employee engagement, all at a cost less than a typical advertising or brand initiative.


Lone Rock Strategic Communications has former reporters and professional videographers/photographers who can staff your organization’s “news room” to provide a steady stream of content to engage your target audiences. Using Lone Rock Strategic Communications Brand Journalism strategy, one company saw target audience engagement increase by more than 40 percent while reducing outreach cost by nearly half.


Increased target audience engagement and expanded brand awareness at a lower cost.

Is your company ready? We are.

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