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At the core of Lone Rock Strategic Communications’ strategic planning is a concept we call “Media Momentum.” In today’s media-heavy environment, understanding and planning around Media Momentum can spell the difference between success and unremarkable mediocrity.


Media Momentum isn’t adding hashtags or tagging key people. It’s not about going viral or getting headlines. It’s a comprehensive process of strategically planning for engagement by targeted audiences to carry the company’s positive messages over multiple days or weeks, whether it is launching a marketing campaign or addressing negative issues. When executed successfully, your brand value increases and your Return On Investment for marketing campaigns is increased.


And if it’s a negative issue against the company, it’s important to stop the Media Momentum quickly – before it permanently damages the company’s brand.


Managing Media Momentum is a bedrock principle at Lone Rock Strategic Communications for our clients. See the video for more information about Media Momentum and how it can be managed for your company.



Take a look at how, over 30 days, an event in Tulsa, Oklahoma led to negative Media Momentum. Each dot represents a traditional or social media post about the organization and the size of the dot represents the volume – the larger the dot, the more social and traditional media coverage. What you are watching are news and social media mentions sweep across the nation and the organization’s brand value diminish daily. When the momentum finally subsided, the entire senior leadership team lost their jobs and the organization’s reputation was shattered. While this represents what happens when a negative issue gains Media Momentum, this could also represent media coverage of a company’s positive outreach when the Media Momentum strategy is properly executed.

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